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Kubiche Media

Formal and Innovative Videographer, Photographer, and Content Creator specialized in capturing events and telling captivating stories through flexible and adaptative approaches.

Creative Services


Whether it's the joyous union of weddings, the corporate world's dynamic essence, the lively spirit of parties, the intimate proposals that change lives, the professionalism of headshots for CVs and LinkedIn profiles, the tender moments of newborns, or the energy of live performances – I am dedicated to delivering stunning and authentic images.


From the joyous celebrations of weddings and parties to the dynamic corporate world, the intimate and life-changing marriage proposals, the electric energy of live performances and music & dance festivals, the artistic essence of music videos, the promotional power of commercial videos for various businesses, and the thought-provoking narratives of documentaries and short movies. Together, we'll create captivating visuals that resonate with your audience and make your vision come alive.

Content Creation

Whether it's showcasing the essence of restaurants, dance schools, music bands, handcrafted goods, or house-holding companies through commercial videos, or delving into the depths of human experiences with documentaries and short films – I thrive on the art of visual storytelling. With a professional and honest approach, I aim to create content that resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impact.